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Competition Pool

Come hone your competitive nature in our beautiful, 25 yard pool!
75 feet long and 60 feet wide, each of the 8 lanes is 7 feet wide! The pool holds over 200,000 gallons of water and can accommodate 218 swimmers comfortably. 7 feet at the deep end, and 4 at the shallow end, with a constant, comfortable temperature of about 82 degrees.

Recreational Pool

The recreational pool starts at zero feet and angles down gradually to 3 and ¾ feet deep. It offers a stump slide with safety pad, and a geyserworking fountain. The pool then flows into the lazy river, which has a depth of 4 feet. This isa warm water pool kept at 88 degrees at all times for swimming and playing pleasure. The pool capacityis 231 people, and holds 72,324 gallons of water. A perfect place to play during Effingham’s cold Winters!