Q. What types of amenities will be offered?
A. The Richard E. Workman Sports and Wellness Complex will be the largest and most complete facility for miles around. Please click on the link below for a listing of our great tools for family fitness and recreation http://www.workmansportscomplex.com/amenities.

Q. How much does it cost to join?
A. Along with being the most complete recreation center available, belonging is extremely affordable. If you live in the Effingham Park District, an individual pays only $39 a month, and a family is only $57 a month. Out-of-district individuals pay $45 a month, and their whole family can join for $65.

Q. Can you join for a short-term membership?
A. The memberships are annual. However, you can purchase a Day Pass ($10 for an individual, $25 for a family) for short term use, and also for any guests who may visit.

Q. Will I have to rejoin every year?
A. Your membership will roll over unless you tell us otherwise.

Q. What if I don’t want to pay for a full year upfront?
A. Paying one flat fee for the entire year is the easiest way to join; however, we also have an easy monthly payment plan where the money is automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month. Go to the Membership page for specific information on payment options

Q. Does the annual fee cover everything at the facility?
A. The fee covers everything but special fitness programs, such as specific group classes, One-on-One Personal Training or Learn-to-Swim Lessons. Those special offerings require an extra fee.

Q. How do I know if I am in the Effingham Park District to get the lower rates?
A. Anyone who pays Effingham Park District taxes is In District.

Q. What constitutes a “family” for the family membership?
A. We recognize that there are a lot of different types of families today; to make it easy for you, we consider anyone who you can claim on your taxes as a dependent to be a part of your family.

Q. Do you have any special memberships?
A. We have corporate memberships so companies can provide the asset of health and fitness for all their employees. Healthy employees are happy employees and productive employees, and we recognize that! 

Q. Will there be special programs added after the facility opens?
A. Programs will be added regularly when they will benefit our members and if the members are interested. Children’s programming, dance and movement classes, Senior programming, Special Needs programming are just some of what we have in mind.

Q. I live a distance away but work in Effingham, where my kids also go to school. It would be hard for us to come back to town in the evenings to work out or enjoy the facility. Will you be scheduling programs in the early evening or after-school hours to accommodate out-of-towners before they leave to go home?
A. We are well aware of timing sensitivities for Effingham commuters, so we will be paying special attention to programming in the early morning, lunch time and evening hours.

Q. Will there be rooms available to rent for birthday parties or corporate meeting/bonding sessions at the facility?
A. We will be offering the option to rent pool time and/or court time for birthday parties or team building exercises. Please contact our Event Coordinator, April Nieman, at (217) 342-3481 for more information or to book your event.