Track Your Team's Progress!

Week 1(Table)

How far can your team travel on Route 66?

STEP 1 - Join a Team

You can create your own or we can add you to a WSC team. Each team combines mileage to complete the whole route. 

STEP 2 - Track Your Progress

A huge map of our Route 66 Challenge will be displayed around the indoor track at WSC where team flags will depict each team’s movement down the route. You can also refresh this page to check your teams progress.

STEP 3 - Win Prizes

We will direct you to various Route 66 Podcasts that will enlighten you about various highlights found along this route. Download and listen while you log your miles! Plus – There will be weekly challenges and prizes!


Jan 6-March 31 – 12 weeks
Registration starts Dec 17

Must be a WSC member to participate

$20 entry fee for each participant --- get a free Tshirt when you register before December 31. 


  • Each team combines mileage to complete the whole route. 
  • Teams can consist of up to 10 members. 
  • Each team must have a Team Captain who will be in charge of submitting their team mileage by the designated deadline for the week. 
  • Participants may count their exercise mileage as well as their daily activities in their mileage…i.e. the final mileage on trackers (smartwatch or fitbit, etc. at the end of each day). Cycling and swimming mileage counts as well, even if you have to manually add it all up. 
  • Be honest in reporting mileage! The following apps might help in tracking your mileage: Running Walking Tracker Goals, Walking Tracker and Step Counter, Simple Distance Tracker, Distance Meter, Pacer Pedometer and Step Tracker, Track my Steps, Map my run, May my Walk, and many more.


  • Halfway There Event
    Sat, February 23, 20198:30 AM

    We'll have food vendors and nutrition information to reignite excitement and give a push to reach goals in the last few weeks of the challenge! Another group walk/run will take place.

  • Celebration Event
    Sun, March 31, 20193:00 PM

    A PARADE OF 2,448 STEPS, final flag movement, and a photo op! Come gather together one last time and see how far each team got along the route!

Team Captain Information

  • Logging miles: All mileage count! Use the number at the end of the day on any fitness tracker- Fitbit; Apple watch etc. There is a CAP on biking mileage of 100 miles/week per team. Once the team reaches this number for the week, encourage other activities to gain mileage. Numbers are reported in mileage to the nearest tenth. All team members report their mileage to their Team Captain who decides how they will communicate to their team. Team Captains should give each member a weekly goal. You can decide to divide all the miles evenly (each person responsible for about 20 miles/ week) or have some members take on a heavier or lighter load based on ability and availability that week.
  • Submitting Team Mileage: Captains are responsible for entering their team’s mileage into the website by 10PM on Sundays so that the maps can be updated Monday mornings. There will be a map online as well as a HUGE display alongside the track that will depict each team’s location on the route. More details will follow on navigating through the drop-down menus on the website for this. Hoping to make it as easy as possible.
  • Weekly challenges & prizes -Some challenges will encourage certain activities. For example, there may be a week where swimming may count 4x the distance. (66 laps = 1 mile in the pool, so if they swim 66, they get 4 miles or 33 gets you 2 miles, etc.) Most of the challenges will be tied to the weekly prizes; many of which will be given away through a raffle. For example, once you meet the challenge, drop your name in the bucket & a winner will be drawn. The website and social media (Facebook and Instagram) will post announcements, highlight challenges, progress, weekly winners, fun pics, happenings etc. Team Captains will point out needed info from these locations to their team members. Encourage one another and report HONEST mileage. If any team finishes the route too early, we will have that team start back to bring in another team to keep them moving until the finish. We will also be displaying TOTAL MILEAGE from all the teams, just for the fun of seeing how much ground we can cover combined.

Contact Carrie Wegman, with any questions along the way. Also send pics and info about any of your team members that we can share with all Challenge Participants. This is about fitness through team and community support and camaraderie. Have fun with it!