We are currently registering for Youth and Preschool Swim Lessons. Visit our homepage to download the forms.

Parent and Child Aquatics (6 mos. up to 3 yrs.):

Teaches safes behaviors around the water and develops swimming readiness by leading parents and their children in water exploration activities with the objective of having fun in and becoming comfortable around water.

Preschool Aquatics (3 to 5 yrs.):

Promotes developmentally appropriate fundamental water safety and aquatic skills. Taught in a logical progression through three levels:

Level 1: Introduction to basic water skills with instructor assistance. Children will continue to build on these skills throughout preschool levels 2 and 3.
Level 2: Builds on Level 1 skills with little to no instructor assistance.
Level 3: Builds on Level 2 skills with no instructor assistance.

Youth Red Cross Learn-to-Swim (6 to 12 yrs.):

Consists of six comprehensive levels that teach people of varying ages and abilities how to swim skillfully and safely. Each level includes training in basic water safety. All aquatic and safety skills are taught in a logical progression. The objective is to teach people to swim and be safe in and around the water.

Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills
Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills
Level 3: Stroke Development
Level 4: Stroke Improvement
Level 5: Stroke Refinement
Level 6: Swimming and Skill Proficiency

Adults/Teens-Learning the Basics:

Teens and adults overcome their fear of the water and learn the basic skills required to achieve a minimum level of water competency.

Adults/Teens-Learning Stroke Refinement:

Teens and adults gain an overall comfort level in the water by building on their water competency foundation skills and improving swimming strokes.

Adult-Fitness Swimming:

Further stroke refinement and fitness swimming. Minimum requires: ability to swim 500 yards.

 We are proud members of the United States Master Swimming.