Fitness Swimmer

Fitness and heath through swimming. All levels.

Master Swimming

With a community of nearly 70,000 adult fitness swimmers U.S. Masters Swimming welcomes swimmers of all abilities. Whether you want to improve your overall fitness, train for events or you are looking to develop better swimming techniques this could be the program for you. The first day of this program will be Wednesday, May 31st at 5:30am. Please register at the front desk prior to the start date.

USA Swimming Team

The USA Swimming team, made up of 400,000 swimmers, are big to small, fast to not-so-fast, but always loving their fun, competitive and healthy swimming world! From the 8-year olds working toward their first swim meet, to the 22-year-old idols on the blocks at the Olympic Games, USA Swimming athletes come in all shapes and sizes. Come join them and make swimming your passion!